i've moved.

all done. everything's moved. here's the new addy:


so update any bookmarks or whatnot you might have linking to this pitas page. oh, and arches is being crap crap right now, so if you're really determined to see the new page, you may have to reload... quite a bit, actually. it make take a few tries, but it'll all come up eventually.

how sad. no more pitas. *mock-sheds tear*
Sunday, November 11, 2001.02:57 p.m..comment:

i'm moving.

well, it's not really me, it's just my weblog. i've had an account over at blogger for a while now, but just haven't had the chance to sit down and figure out how to set the whole thing up. basically, that's what i did today - sat in front of my computer and designed a new layout, then tried to figure out how to use blogger. i took bathroom breaks, but that's about it.

i was lured down to cord and karl's to watch a movie, but ended up in front of cord's computer instead, trying to finish up everything over at the new weblog. i think the 'net is conspiring against me, tho. arches (the school server where my website is housed) has been acting funky all night, and now blogger seems to be having trouble as well. boo hiss. it's like 4 in the morning now, so i may just have to wait until tomorrow to completely finish everything. cord's already gone to sleep, and karl's still playing diablo 2 across the room.

they keep insisting i'm a nerd. i refuse to cave.

i'll post the new url for my weblog once i completely finish. gotta keep 'em in suspense!

geez, it's cold down here...
Sunday, November 11, 2001.04:07 a.m..comment:

06.18.01...07.02.01 - japan...start
07.03.01...07.10.01 - japan
07.11.01...07.21.01 - japan
07.22.01...07.28.01 - japan
07.29.01...07.31.01 - japan
08.01.01...08.02.01 - japan...minato matsuri
08.03.01...08.03.01 - japan
08.04.01...08.05.01 - japan...aomori
08.06.01...08.17.01 - japan
08.18.01...08.19.01 - japan...final

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