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someone remind me to punch karl one good time when i get back to athens. he definitely deserves it. oh, and karl, you'll be happy to know that someone jokingly said "okite" to me this evening at the noh play performance. i nearly fell over in my seat, i was so shocked - it was even in the same voice you use!

and may i second that opinion on parking services being chimp brained? according to my bro, the reason we all got screwed with a lottery is because dumb butt parking services didn't test run their brilliant *cough*dumba**cough* online system before all of the uga population hopped online to buy their parking permits. would you believe that parking services even took their phones off the hook, so no one, including the lab attendants that had to deal with all of the frustrated students in memorial hall, could call them and ask what the he** was going on!!! i hate parking services!!! and to top it all off, they registered me for the north deck lottery instead of the south deck. why in the *bleepitty bleep bleep* would i want a north deck pass when i'm living right under the south deck?!!! i hate those freakin' morons!!!! arghsssss!!! yargle... strangle... grr...

now i'm just angry. one more reason why i'd rather stay in hakodate than go back to stupid uga. double grr...

well, on a more cheery side, this day was spent rather pleasantly. after calligraphy class, i walked around with mary and jim while buying some assorted yummies in the process, then ran into james and hal later on near lotteria. lotteria has ebi (shrimp) burgers, on a side note - how scary is that?! afterwards, i took the streetcar with hal to the noh play. he's such a goofball sometimes. i think i'll be safe from him coming up to uga to hit on my friends as long as i never tell him where i live on campus - he he he...

the noh play was interesting to watch, but i didn't understand a whole lot and the end effect was just to tire me out. so i'm going to skip homework and go straight to bed. do not pass go... yada yada yada... oyasumi.
Tuesday, July 31, 2001.10:47 p.m..japantime.:

it is raining. not only it is raining, but it is RAINING. 大雨よ and it sucks. because i got soaked on the way to school this morning, although i did quickly learn how to ride a bike and hold an umbrella at the same time. but on the way back home, it decided to downpour, and mary's dad ended up giving me a ride home, which began the round of 失礼します and ごめんなさい and 本当にありがとうございます.

good grief... i have blisters on the tops of my toes... how did i manage to score those?

my host brother just came home with the new jump weekly. i'm trying to calculate how long it'll be before i can get my hands on it. since i'm not going to judo (again) today, i've got a little time to spare on manga before studying for the lesson test tomorrow - well, at least enough time to find out if sai has disappeared for good or not (hikaru no go). i just have to make sure my host mom doesn't catch me reading it, because she knows i have that test and should be studying and not reading manga. what a warui ko i am... *smiles*

someone in japan is looking for my page on the net. for the second time, this person has popped up in my referral logs, and i'm slightly curious as to who it is. i'm willing to guess it's someone from the program, so now it's just a matter of me being curious. and now i'm slightly self-concious, because i'm not all that terribly interesting to read, in all honesty. hmm... it is a mystery to me.

hmm... looks like sotaro has about two more mangas to go. probably just enough time to finish talking to karl, find out why i have blisters on my toes, and reapply some anti-itch cream to my other foot that mosquitos attacked over the weekend. じゃ。。行こうよ。
Monday, July 30, 2001.06:08 p.m..japantime.:

with a new week comes a fresh sheet of paper, i suppose. actually, i just want lots of archives for my time in japan - makes me feel like i did a lot or something.

this weekend marked my first camping experience in japan. it wasn't exactly roughing it or anything, but i certainly had a lot of fun, so overall i'm very pleased.

we left saturday afternoon around one, and our first stop was to drop na-chan (the rabbit) off at the grandparents' house in ono-cho. poor sakiko - i think she just wanted to take the rabbit camping with us. then we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant called leaves. oh, it was good - real good. i had some kind of pasta in a cream sauce with bacon and had to stop myself from licking the plate clean. dessert was interesing, because the three of us youngins just tried to snatch everything off the plate as fast as we could - i had to snip off a piece of the chocolate cake when sakiko wasn't looking because she was intent on devouring the whole thing herself i think. it was at this point that i realized that sakiko and sotaro are a whole lot like my brother and i. this observation was only reinforced by the fact that they began fighting over the front seat when we got back to the car, which ended with sakiko looking the door and sticking her tongue out at her brother. he he he...

lots of driving, and then we stopped by an outdoor sea pool, which was just very gorgeous for some reason - i think it was probably just the architecture of the place that was really interesting to look at. it was an outdoor pool that was fed by the sea, and there was this elaborate looking staircase that led down the clifs to the pool. very nice.

soon after that, we arrived at the campsite, which i can't really compare to anything in the states, because i don't really go camping all that often. well, there was lots of grassy areas for pitching tents, and lots of other families were already there enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. my family pitched a freaking huge tent, then rented one of the bungalows (which was basically like a walk in closet that could fit four people) on top of that.

after setting up camp, we drove back to the seashore, where my sister immediately turned into a fish and swam away. i settled for seeing how far out on the rocks i could go before the water got too deep to cross. it was actually a lot like running around in the middle of nowhere, for those of you that have been out to the middle of nowhere. but the middle of nowhere doesn't have hermit crabs! this place was swarming with them in a variety of sizes and shells. i also came across a starfish that had been left stranded on a rock when the tide went out, a couple of crabs, and a variety of fish. i spent a good hour or two just exploring all the shorelife there before it was time for dinner.

dinner at the camp was basically like dinner at home, complete with rice and beef curry, so i ended up a very full child. so after some coffee and sitting around talking to my host parents, i got really sleepy and decided to grab some sleep in the tent (the bungalow was just a little to confined for my tastes). sakiko joined me a little late when i was reading some manga, and we ended up talking about the stuff we like about each other's home countries before going to sleep.

the next morning, i was awoken bright and early at six by some rowdy kids who decided to start running around screaming in order to announce to the whole camp that they were awake. not pleased.

we broke camp after breakfast, and the drove around the shore to visit various historic-esque places before ending up back in ono-cho to pick na-chan back up.

all in all, a very fun trip and good time spent with my host family. of course, i'm too sleepy right now to expound on everything that happened, and i still have homework on top of that, so some things are just gonna have to go unsaid. oh well.

this next week should be exciting though. the hakodate port festival parades are midweek, and then we're all going to aomori at the end. hmm... i'm excited ;)
Sunday, July 29, 2001.08:35 p.m..japantime.: