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08.02.01...minato matsuri


yoshikazu's webpage is here. i kinda wanna use the board, but will maybe wait a bit for that.
Friday, August 3, 2001.11:02 p.m..japantime.:

class was so much fun today, i just can't believe it. we did a debate about whether the nihongo dake rule (you can only speak japanese in the hif building) is a good thing or not. the point was to practice giving your opinion and just conversation practice in general, but to me it was just so much fun to try and clearly express my opinion in japanese. i think that most of the class felt that way too, because we all seemed pretty eager to participate, and spoke clearer than we normally do. even yamada-sensei was impressed. when we finished, she remarked on how she thought that today would be difficult for us (because we had a hard time with the debate grammer yesterday), but she was surprised by how well we did, which made her happy! yay! we pleased yamada-sensei! and we don't have lots of homework this weekend! bonus!

i had planned on doing lots of fun things today, such as wasting money at the arcade or wandering around with my friends, but everyone seemed to be either sick or had other plans or vanished or whatnot, so after i lost joe and amanda at goryokaku because i had to reclaim my stupid jitensha (long story), i wandered around for a bit near the parade, then headed on home. it actually turned out to be a good thing, tho, because when i walked in, i noticed sotaro playing xenogears on the psx. the first thing out of my mouth after "ただいま" was "あっ! xenogears!" my host brother always seems to be surprised that i always seem to know about things he likes (games, anime, manga, etc.) and was like "知ってる?" and i said "うん、終わった" (i was aiming for "yeah, i beat it," but that's the first thing that i could come up with on such short notice). so after watching him play for a while (he's so funny - he mutters out loud about what's happening in the game while he plays), he brought down some other games, and we ended up playing dino crisis, ergheiz, and some racing game that he whooped me at (i held my own in ergheiz tho... nah, why be modest? i whalloped him in that game! ha ha ha!). it was so much fun! we taunted each other in japanese and english, and i discovered that he knows how to curse in english as well as japanese. guess where he learned the english curse words? you betcha - the movies. what a trip! now if i can just beat it into his head that he has to dumb down his japanese or i won't understand, everything'll be fine.

this evening, i also wrote my very first email entirely in japanese. (chotto repeat o shimasu:) wednesday night, amanda and i met a guy named yoshikazu at the arcade - he's absolutely freakin' hilarious! we exchanged emails that night, and then ran into him again last night after the parade and ended up eating together. so yeah, i finally got around to emailing him tonight - only had to use the dictionary three times in order to get across what i wanted to say. i'm looking forward to his reply, tho. i wonder how well i'll be able to read it... hmm...

i wish i had a keitai denwa like all the other japanese. i'm so jealous.
Friday, August 3, 2001.10:37 p.m..japantime.: