look - it's an online text to speech synthesizer, courtesy of bell labs. this, coupled with the dialectizer (converts any webpage into a variety of dialects, including jive, cockney, and my personal fave - the swedish chef) makes for some interestingness in an otherwise boring day. my recommendation: the ridiculous voice with swedish chef dialect, de bork bork.
Tuesday, June 5, 2001
10:57 a.m.

jonathan sang the beer song this morning. i didn't even know there was a beer song, but apparently he has the shirt to prove it.

   do, the stuff, i buy beer with
   re, the guy i buy beer from
   me, the guy, i buy beer for
   fa, a long long way to go
   so, i'll have another beer
   la, and latsa lotsa beer
   ti, i'd rather have a beer...

well, you get the idea
Monday, June 4, 2001
09:04 a.m.

okay, i have to plug a site now. go here, now. i'll wait. this is joe's web spot. joe is a truly interesting and stunning person who still makes me feel slightly stupid (although that's probably my fault), and he is a talented writer to boot. not to mention that he is a paul simon fan (which is always good) and has the billy joel cd set that i like to borrow lots. all this adds up to a great person whose link is nowhere to be seen on this page, but i'll correct that on monday, promise.

(now that that's taken care of...) two weeks left 'til japan and lots of things to do. my family took an outing to atlanta today to do some grocery shopping, and the ranch market had tons of milk tea for me to stock up on. i'm completely addicted to this stuff. one of the reasons that japan's so wonderful is that milk tea is sold in vending machines. if only it could happen in america. oh well.
Saturday, June 2, 2001
10:10 p.m.

this is absolutely fascinating. apparently, there may have been christians in japan as early as the second century. they're called the keikyo which derives from the chinese expression meaning "the shining religion."

"Within a year, nearly 10,000 had experienced a revival so dramatic that, by 1600 A.D., the Christian Kirishtan comprised the single largest organized religious community in Japan." (excerpt from the website).

unfortunately, this also brought about persecution that resulted in a holocaust where "approximately one million Kiristan or indigenous Japanese Christians were slaughtered for their faith." it's absolutely heartwrenching - "On February 5, l597, atop a hill in Nagasaki, Japan, 26 individuals ranging from 12 to 64 years of age were stretched out and crucified upon crudely build crosses. This slaughter marked the beginning of a nearly 250-year nightmare that decimated the Christian church in Japan."

there are various keikyo museums and sites located throughout japan, with a handful in sapporo and tokyo, so hopefully i'll be able to visit one while i'm there. it all strikes a chord in me - i wonder what it is.
Saturday, June 2, 2001
09:39 a.m.

geh... i'm tired and stinky and... geh! it's 12:18 already? sheesh... why am i still online? oh well.

my bro brought the old 97's too far to care home to roost this evening. a very enjoyable cd, i admit. i only wish they were coming to athens sooner so that i could see the show, but i'll be in japan while they're here. sad, but it isn't that bad a deal, really.

i wish i could find someone who has the cat came back on tape. even more, i wish i could find anything on another animated short that ran in the late eighties featuring a man trying to crack an egg as the egg complained (and then someone begins to crack the man's house). good old childhood!
Saturday, June 2, 2001
12:18 a.m.

what a slow day it's been. i normally have to wake at the crack of dawn to make it to work in the morning, but friday is my day off and coincidentally my one day to sleep in. i'm usually quite good at sleeping in, too - usually 'til past noon - but i woke up at nine for some reason and have accomplished absolutely nothing. since rediscovering one of my favorite authors again, i've been utterly wrapped up in the sapphire rose by david eddings. it's been attached to my hand all day. i've had lots of practice in the past in walking around with a book attached to my hand like another appendage. i think it's rather like riding a bike in that once you learn how you never forget. it's just so nice to be able to spend a day reading for once.
Friday, June 1, 2001
04:47 p.m.

this morning, my brother (who is mean) made fun of my coffee cup status. i thought it was a cute idea, though, and it seemed aesthetically pleasing at the time.

i think my flurry of webpage updating has almost drawn to a close. i'm gonna finish the layout for the asb page, and then give it a rest 'til i get back from japan. it's certainly helped pass the time at work, tho.

i was looking up david eddings fanfiction the other day, and surprisingly came across a site that has the first five books of the belgariad posted to the web. well, it gives me something to read, at least. but i wonder just how illegal that really is. i'd much rather have a comfortable paperback in my hands, at any rate.
Thursday, May 31, 2001
09:06 a.m.

now this is what i call dedication:

hrtofswrd: any interesting email?
jjrparis: not really
jjrparis: mostly I'm catching
jjrparis: up on Lara Fabian's site
jjrparis: ^_^
hrtofswrd: did you watch her last night?
jjrparis: YES!
jjrparis: HOW HAPPY WAS I
hrtofswrd: oh my...
jjrparis: and guess what??????
hrtofswrd: ?
jjrparis: ok, did you see how many times cahnnel 2 was braking in
jjrparis: because of weather stuff?
hrtofswrd: no
jjrparis: well they were
jjrparis: like every 5 minutes
hrtofswrd: i was watching channel 13
hrtofswrd: are you joking?
jjrparis: and asked them to please stop
jjrparis: and
jjrparis: NO
jjrparis: and that if they broke
jjrparis: in on Lara Fabian
jjrparis: I wanted them to send me a tape
jjrparis: of the footage that they cut into
jjrparis: but luckily for them
jjrparis: they did not cut into her
hrtofswrd: seek help
jjrparis: LoL
jjrparis: OK, I am laughing so hard
jjrparis: but I was being so serious
hrtofswrd: i'm just staring at my computer in stunned disbelief
jjrparis: and you could tell the news room thought I was a freak
jjrparis: oh, I can belive it
jjrparis: my parents were astonished
jjrparis: and embaressed

Tuesday, May 29, 2001
12:43 p.m.

today's get fuzzy is very humorous, as pointed out to me by james. i read my first douglas adams book - the restaurant at the end of the universe - when i was in fourth grade, then finally got around to reading the entire series a few years later. i think my first signs of dyslexia were cropping up in those days, because for the longest time, i thought ford prefect was actually read "ford perfect," and it wasn't until i read the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy for ap english that i realized my mistake. the first thing that comes to mind when i think of those books now is lickable wallpaper, followed closely by towels and babel fish.

well, now i've gone and made myself sad.
Tuesday, May 29, 2001
09:01 a.m.

after almost two full weeks of being at home, my room is finally clean. i had no hope for it at first, to be honest. when i moved all of my stuff home, my bed was piled to my stomach, my floor could not be seen, and i had no way to make it to the closet that was opposite my door. i managed to trip at least fifteen times and even sustained a papercut on my toe. but everything is in its rightful place as of this afternoon, so maybe now i can finally think straight. well, at least until i have to pack everything back up in less than a month.

this weekend's been pretty unproductive so far. i've mopped floors and finished my room, but other than that i've pretty much sat on my tush and vegged in front of my tv. not that that's a bad thing. i did go to my old high school's graduation to see allen graduate. it was a rather tame ceremony compared to uga's graduation last week - it was even more boring that my graduation from the same place two years ago. not even one beach ball, but at least the more personable teachers from the high school were tailgating as usual. it's always nice to see them again. i also ran into many of the people i graduated with and caught up on what they'd been doing since. i'm surprised to find that many of them are transferring to uga in the upcoming year. i don't blame them - it's a nice place to be.

well, guess it's time to find out what scully's baby is. hope mulder doesn't die.
Sunday, May 20, 2001
08:37 p.m.

it's now 9:28 in the morning, and my coffee has been sitting untouched since it was first brewed at 6:30. only now have i gotten around to taking a sip of it, and it is surprisingly still warm. what a wonderful cup i have.

it's amazing the amount of stuff i've accomplished in the past two weeks since i moved home for the summer. i believe it's due partially to the fact that i have a month left until i leave for japan, so what most people have the whole summer to accomplish, i have 1/3 of the time to do it all in. saving my financing for the japan trip has also created more work for me than usual. then there's the fact that i'm now commuting to work in athens everyday, which gives me a grand total of 1 hour 30 minutes of bonding time with my car. not that i mind - i like having something to do and somewhere to go, even if it does cost me 15 $ a week at the texaco.

it seems like time is passing slowly for now, but i am enjoying it. my normal circle of friends have returned to their respective parts of georgia, more or less leaving me as the sole occupant of campus. it's rather nice, actually. i've been going out to lunch and dinner with friends from work, and its almost a welcome change. there are still problems to discuss and idle conversation to be held, but it's so different from what i'm used to. kinda like another section of my brain to use. well, whatever - i don't have to dissect everything in order to enjoy anyway.
Thursday, May 17, 2001
09:28 a.m.

finally done. i've been running around for the past two days trying furiously to save my scholarships for japan this summer that uga seems to want to take away from me. turns out that i'll get to keep everything, which means not only will i have enough money to go to japan on, but i will have more than enough - even better.
Tuesday, May 15, 2001
04:16 p.m.

ever had the hankering for a samurai chicken sandwich? well neither have i until now. visit ninja burger and get your fill of everything ninja could want. don't worry, wasabi comes with everything. and don't forget the cola: you will drink cola, or you will DIE!

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