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2001 stephanie fullbright
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08.02.01...minato matsuri

aomori -

this past weekend was the aomori trip. i can't even begin to describe how much fun it was, and jen b., since i know you're the one checking up on me now, let me just tell you you should've been there. really.

we left bright and early on saturday morning from the hakodate eki (train station). of course, i waited 'til the last minute to buy the omiyage (souvenir) to take to the family i would be staying with that night.

okay... gotta go. will continue later. (3:12)

(5:28) okay, back to logging. i got waylaid by hal and the arcade for a bit.

we went by train to aomori, and spent most of saturday going from one place to another sightseeing. we saw hirosaki castle, some archealogical site that was not all that interesting at all, and another place that i can't recall at all. we had an interesting tour guide, though, although i might be the only one who thinks so. his name was ernie, and he's over there teaching english (although not thru jet). i dunno - i thought he was kinda cute.

i'm never going to finish this entry!!! now i've gotta go get ready for judo and a concert. geh... (5:43)

(9:26) back again. okay, where was i? yeah, saturday, pretty interesting. hirosaki castle had absolutely gorgeous grounds! wow! and i got to climb a tree! i haven't done that in so long.

that night, all of the hif students were to stay with various host families in the town. doris and i were put with a very, extremely nice family. lucky! and aside from that, i didn't know doris very well beforehand, but we really got a chance to talk that night about almost everything, so i really am glad (in hindsight) that hif had us stay with individual host families, rather than throwing us all together in a hotel.

sunday, we participated in a sports festival. various events were held, ranging from tug of war (which i played in - we won, incidentally), old lady race, tire pull, marathon, etc. it was a whole lot of fun, actually, and doris and i had a chance to see if the observations we had made the night before held true that day. well, i wasn't surprised by all that happened.

during lunch, we had to all split up and mingle with the townsfolk. i got stuck with a group of old men, who came very close to being perverts, but i managed to fend them off and actually ended up having fun. i just made fun of them before they could say anything silly to me.

after a short trip to an onsen afterwards, we headed into downtown aomori to watch the nebuta parade. wow! the floats were huge! and absolutely amazing! i was so impressed! after making a mad dive for a space in the front once the police released the hounds and fighting off the obaachans (even sato-sensei knows that the obaachans don't play!), i ended up sitting next to james during the parade, which was tons of fun as we tried to figure out how to best make use of the limited leg room we managed to uncover.

we still had two hours to wander around before time to meet back at the train station, so amanda, yudelka, joe, and i all wandered about together - at least until we lost joe somewhere along the way, and then we were three.

after picking up some omiyage for my host family in hakodate, we boarded our train and headed back home. the ride back was fairly unexciting, except for playing mafia, which is always fun.

in all, this has been the best trip so far, but the thing is is that the most interesting things were all of the interpersonal relationshipy stuff, but since more and more of the hif kids know about this page, i'm thinking maybe i'll just keep it to myself before someone gets in trouble with someone else. i get the feeling i've probably already screwed a few things up because of this weekend, so maybe i just hold off from making any more mistakes, for once. i'm glad though. i had a lot of fun.
Monday, August 6, 2001.10:27 p.m..japantime.: