it came!

my very own home version of dance dance revolution came in the mail yesterday! and you'd better believe we played last night! bwa ha ha ha! i will convert every single person in that dorm into a ddr freak if needs be! seriously tho, it really was tons of fun - lindsey and i even managed to get cord and geoffrey to play (very interesting...)

and lindsey and i also cooked with robert last night. well, more truthfully, we supplied ingredients and watched him cook. what yummy chicken he made! mmm... but i shouldn't talk about that now because i'm so darned hungry! and am trapped at work... boo...

what fun times.
Tuesday, September 11, 2001.08:12 a.m.:

i am link!

and i suck! i just spent basically the whole day (well, half - i didn't get up til 2) playing smash brothers. thanks to cord and his gaggle of friends, today was tailgate outside your window day, complete with grill, refrigerator, and tv and n64. so a nice little round of smash bro. started outside, and once the housing security guard with the attitude shut us down, we retreated back to cord and karl's room to finish up. what a silly day... maybe i will study now... just maybe...
Saturday, September 8, 2001.08:09 p.m.:

i can't believe this...

i just finished checking my referral stats - would you believe that someone found my page because they were searching for hatakeyama-sensei? and on top of that, the person's located in south africa... my day has been made wonderful just because of this. i'm so amused ^_^

CP: eternally - utada hikaru
Wednesday, September 5, 2001.08:29 a.m.:

i need to practice my japanese.

my roommate is so devious. don't let her small size and diminutive nature fool you! *smile* actually, she's done me a great favor, although i'm still feeling very embarrassed about it all.

the fact is that i need a conversation partner before any speaking skills i once had get totally lost in a swirl of english. i realize this. well, my roomie happens to know lots and lots of native japanese speakers, so she's been asking around for me, trying to find a partner. she finally found out that one of her friends is looking for an english speaking partner (hey great! i speak english!) so she told him about me.

just finding that out made me nervous.

so last night, dudecat calls to find out what time we should all meet today. and then my wonderful roommate says to him, "hang on a minute, i'll let you talk to her - and talk to her in japanese," and any sort of japanese language skill i might've had immediately flew out the window when she handed me that phone. *slumps over in defeat* i was mortified.

so yeah, all that to say i really need to practice japanese, and now i have a conversation partner thanks to my roommate's intervention.

i will not be embarrassed.
i will not be embarrassed.

CP: distance - utada hikaru
Wednesday, September 5, 2001.08:09 a.m.:

i am so entertained!

aaaahhhh!!!! whoever put together that silly mario flash in the first place has expanded to include the entire group x song! my life is now complete... go check it out! i will be happy for days to come because of this wonderful discovery. joy...
Sunday, September 2, 2001.07:25 p.m.:

i haven't started my homework.

big surprise, isn't it... yeah, well, i guess i could kinda claim i've been studying. see, that's the problem with japanese. i can study it in a variety of ways - from translating a friends weblog entry (which is what i've been doing for the past hour and a half) to reading manga. however, this is not the pressing homework that i should be working on. well, at least i'm not just sleeping the time away - i suppose i could look at it like that.

i stayed up late last night reading a trigun fanfiction, of all things. i've only seen like 4 or 8 episodes of trigun, but i really do like this series. hmmm...

yeah, so i suppose i should start working on more pressing projects. i dunno... i just feel like i should go running or something instead. go enjoy the fact that i'm alive today rather than sit around studying international law. international law will be here tomorrow - this day will not. yes, and now i'm just stream of conciousness typing. hmm... whatever shall i do with myself?

it's strange tho... i really am just happy now for some reason. it's just a good day, i think. no matter how bad things may seem to be going sometimes, there always seems to be a little bit of good to hold onto.

yaya God ^_^

CP: taisetsuna hito - 19
Sunday, September 2, 2001.04:36 p.m.:

i need to get going.

i stayed out ridiculously late last night. hal and a friend came up from valdosta for the game, but didn't get here 'til late. then after i got lost, almost ran out of gas, and got pulled over by the police, it was really late before we all met at ihop. i was genuinely happy to see him again, tho, even if it was for just a little bit. hopefully he'll come back up to athens for another game this season.

but before all of that, a group of us went to go see the others starring nicole kidman. what an absolutely frightening movie! and i think it's based on henry james' the turn of the screw, but now i want to go reread that book just to make sure.

and while we were waiting for hal to get to athens, we hung around in the dorm, where i was thoroughly assaulted by karl and jonathan as they tried to tickle me unmercifully. it's not my fault i'm so darned ticklish! geh...

so i didn't wake up until really late today, and then i sat down in front of my computer (big mistake), but i got an email from doris! and then she turned up on aolim! which is great! i haven't talked to her in forever! but now i really am going to be late getting home... boo... and i have so much homework for this weekend... oh well, at least i had fun last night...
Saturday, September 1, 2001.04:53 p.m.:

i'm from greece?

i just got the most random email ever... someone apparently found my site because they were searching for hikaru no go and came across my weblog entry that proclaims how much i love that manga. well...

"...anyway, your site is nicely designed, rather unique... you are from greece... hmm, that's quite unique too..."

i guess they drew that conclusion because i mention that i live in athens? maybe i should start saying athens, ga instead... hmm... at any rate, here's the person's site.

in other japanese related news, hal's coming to visit for the game tomorrow! yay! i really am excited to see him again... but hopefully he won't flirt too much with my friends, because otherwise i'll have to bean him. oh well...
Friday, August 31, 2001.11:18 a.m.:

i'm lazy.

this isn't earthshattering news to anyone who really knows me, i realize, but i figured i would go ahead and get it out into the open. once again, i am not in class. i'd like to blame it on sleep. since school started, i've probably attended about 3/4 of my classes... getting settled in my dorm, getting over jetlag, and catching up with friends kept me from class for a while. but i really would like to make good grades this semester, so i guess i'm going to have to start fighting myself and making myself go to class. hmm... i need a battle plan. i think the best way to attack this problem is to work more hours. the fact is that if i just keep myself on campus until it's time to go to class, i don't really have a good excuse for not going - i'd already be awake, and class isn't that far away. not to mention, i'm operating at a loss right now - i spend way more than i make.

my second problem is that i do not do my homework. this is primarily because it consists of mostly reading assignments, and i can always find more interesting ways of spending my time rather than reading textbooks. but today i will crack down. i could go over to jonathan's and make milkshakes, but instead i'm going to keep myself here and force myself to read legal studies so i can be prepared for class tomorrow. i don't really care about this international business degree i'm pursuing - it's just a means to an end - but i suppose that as long as i am here and it's free, i should probably try and learn something new.

here's to finding motivation...
Thursday, August 30, 2001.03:42 p.m.:

i'm tired.

my entire existence can be summed up in a contraction and word. physically, mentally, probably even spiritually. physically because i don't get enough sleep, mentally because i'm not happy with where i am, and spiritually because i don't really know what to think anymore.

physically is easy to cure. get more sleep - 'nuff said.

mentally, i just need to change my way of thinking. the effects of japan are still lingering in the recesses of my brain, and i'm annoyed that i have to take other classes aside from just japanese. all i really have any desire to study is japanese, and i'm sad that i'm not surrounded by japanese chatter that i can halfway understand. i'm pretty sure i'll readjust to being in america eventually, and that will be good and will hopefully allow me to focus on my other classes as well.

spiritually is another matter altogether separate. one of my relationships is on the mend, and for that i really am thankful. but some people have come back into my life that could very possible have a big influence on me, except that it's really not an influence that i need right now. i won't shut them out, but part of me is still kinda on the verge of troubled about what might happen. but then again, i guess i shouldn't worry about the future... today has enough problems of its own.

i am thankful for a couple of things, tho, since arriving back in the states from japan. a lot of my friends have centralized in my dorm this year, which makes for some fun times - i hesitate to call it distracting because the other three that make up that royal four will kick my booty *innocent smile* or at the very least tease me unmercilessly for years to come. i'm also thankful that luciana is my roommate this year. she's a wonderful girl from brazil who speaks japanese and is just all around good people. i am much pleased.

the other thing i'm thankful for is that yoshikazu is still emailing me, in japanese no less. and he linked me on his page and is reading my weblog. it really does make me happy. and i'm also glad that even though for all intents and purposes we speak different languages, we're still managing to understand each other and have conversations. i never thought it would be possible, and yet here we are. and it's strange, because i didn't think he really influenced me, but the more i take a good look at the things that i think about nowadays, the more i realize his friendship really has made an impact on me. it's probably one of the more cherished things that i brought back from japan this summer. here's hoping it lasts for a long time to come.
Wednesday, August 29, 2001.09:23 p.m.:

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