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.:i'm running and not quite sure where to go:.

okay, i'm getting really tired of looking at my website, so as soon as i'm stuck in the lab again with nothing to do, i'm tearing it all down and building again. maybe i'm just moody after all - i'm really dissatisfied with this place.
.:08:35 a.m. Wednesday, February 21, 2001:.

.:i am a man of constant sorrow:.

in all honesty, i haven't seen a movie this good in a really long time. on a whim, we decided to watch o brother where art thou last night. I can't believe how unbelievably funny this movie was! go see it... right now.
.:08:13 a.m. Monday, February 19, 2001:.

.:meow meow meow meow:.

not satisfied with your ordinary, run-of-the-mill kitten? wish you could prune the fuzzy little furball much like you prune your bushes? here's the solution: this has to be the most disturbing thing i've seen all week.
.:11:02 a.m. Saturday, February 10, 2001:.

.:why are we stalling:.

yay! butterflies!
.:08:11 a.m. Wednesday, February 7, 2001:.

.:letting go of all i've held onto:.

got a great movie script lying around, but no one to pitch it to? try
i'm gonna go study now. honest.
.:03:19 p.m. Tuesday, February 6, 2001:.

.:just about the time:.

for all you artsy folks, is up and running - nifty neato desktops are being served at the moment. my personal favorite is the bottom right one, mainly because of the catch phrase - it amuses me ^_^
.:12:38 p.m. Tuesday, February 6, 2001:.

.:i got nothin' ^_^:.

i know, i know, i haven't logged anything in the past month - which is really shameful seeing as how i work in a stinking computer lab. truth be told, nothing interesting is happening - haven't really had time to find neato stuff on the 'net, so i haven't anything to log in that respect either. okay, that's a lie - interesting stuff's been happening, i just haven't the patience to type out a meaningful log.
i climbed a magnolia tree the other night ^_^
.:08:06 a.m. Wednesday, January 31, 2001:.

.:everybody was kung-fu fighting:.

merry christmas!
i love houston. from the confusing freeways to the abundance of asian grocery stores - it's just a wonderful place to be. my cousins and my brother and i are all going to go see crouching tiger, hidden dragon in a couple of hours in order to kill time before the huge dinner party that my aunt is having tonight. i'm all for it because according to lacey, it's not being released in atlanta until well into the new year.
we went to a candle-lit service last night at my aunt's church. i guess i've been so wrapped up in finals and then in traveling halfway across the country that i hadn't really paused to think about the holiday season. i know that not everyone celebrates christmas, but i've always been surrounded by it so have always taken it for granted. but to some people, it's just another day out of the year, nothing special. and then to others, it's the most important day in history, second to only easter. standing in the dark last night as the candles were being lit, i thought of how important a night it was and still is - to me, at any rate. and i thanked God for how my cup of blessing had been overflowing and flooding the surrounding area lately. i'm here with my family (despite the verbal arguements that break out from time to time) and God's watching over us all. i think i'll just enjoy this moment.
.:12:01 p.m. Monday, December 25, 2000:.

.:now i'm waking up... now i'm breaking up...:.

all good then. i'm think i'm going on a hiatus from updating my webpage. i need to get away from the computer - too addicting. well, i have a new splash page now. i'm trying out all the features of paintshop pro, so excuse me if it's not all that great - like everything else on this site, it's a work in progress.
.:04:37 p.m. Thursday, December 21, 2000:.

.:i think i'm going crazy:.

oh my goodness... something's wrong with the pitas "change the overall look of your page" page, and i can't change the friggin' overall look of my page!!! and i'm right in the middle of updating!!! oh my goodness!! i'm going to go insane because of this horrid layout!!!
.:10:47 p.m. Tuesday, December 19, 2000:.

.:long tails and ears for hats:.

ha! it snowed! i can't believe i can look out the window and see snow! it never snows here - ever. some of the kids in the apartment complex took advantage of this rarely seen form of precipitation and built a snowman - awww... this would've been even more heartwarming had it not been for the fact that since we only got a little bit of snow, most of frosty is comprised of woodchips and pinestraw with a little snow here and there to hold it all together. makes for a snowman who seems to be rusting, if you look at the creature from far away. well, i suppose like with gift-giving, it's the thought that counts, right?
.:12:56 p.m. Tuesday, December 19, 2000:.

.:i like pop, i like soul, i like rock, but i never liked disco:.

wonders will never cease. instead of just a weblog, here's a phonelog. technology is a wonderful thing, no?
.:05:30 p.m. Monday, December 18, 2000:.

.:when the shark bites with his teeth, dear:.

stephanie and i saw what women want on friday. what a great movie! no, really, it was! okay, so maybe the soundtrack being so wonderful has something to do with my bias to the movie. but c'mon! it's frank sinatra for crying out loud! mel gibson is so cute in this movie - he does this little number with a hat - it's the best thing in the movie as far as i'm concerned.
heh. "mack the knife" is on the movie's soundtrack. i kinda feel bad for the kid that was sitting to my right in the theater - when that song came on, i started snapping my fingers and singing under my breath - i think the kid thought i'd lost it. oh well.
.:04:12 p.m. Monday, December 18, 2000:.

.:tell me that you'll wait for me:.

you know what? i really don't think there was ever a thing such as "normal" - or at least, you can't impose your ideas of "normal" on another because my "normal" will be odd from any other perspective.
then again, maybe i just had a bad cookie this morning and that's why i'm spouting strange stuff on my log. yeah, that's probably it.
my house is like a meat locker. mom thinks that it'll be great to save money by using the heat as little as possible. well, in theory that's a great idea until you take into consideration the fact that i haven't been able to feel my toes for the past three days. mom threw a pair of socks at me and told me to put them on, it might help. i hate socks. but being the obedient child that i am, i put the socks on. besides, socks mean that i get to go sliding across the wood floors and make like i'm an ice skater. well, in theory that's similarly a great idea until you take into consideration the fact that the socks she so nonchalantly tossed my way were the kind with the little grippie things on the bottom. traction does not make for movement livre y suavemente.
i got my grades.
two of my friends posted themselves on am i hot or not. i'm so upset. but i suppose i'll mention them at any rate. karl and josh, you guys are too silly.
.:02:15 p.m. Monday, December 18, 2000:.

.:christmas, christmas time is here:.

well, exams are officially over for me. let christmas begin!
whew... thank goodness.
.:04:08 p.m. Friday, December 15, 2000:.

.:i've been lonely... i've been cheated:.

oh, this is quite frightening. here's what my brother has to say about it: "and there shall arise from the bowels of the earth......a plague that will rock all mankind........................motorized sushi........." i guess he can be funny if he puts his mind to it.
i can't wait for the final fantasy movie to come out. it just looks so incredibly realistic.
okay, so i should be studying for my econ final tomorrow. but the way i see it is that i've holed myself up in boyd for the past three hours with my notes to keep me company, so i deserve a computer/coffee break. well, that's my reasoning at any rate.
i guess i should plug daniel and jake's little project at this point. ahem. the great thing about finals being over is that you can sell your books back for that extra bit of spending money for the holidays. this year, instead of getting ripped off at the bookstores, why not try get more money for your books by cutting out the middle man. after all, don't you owe it to yourself to get the best possible price for your books? now easy money is just a few clicks away with
well, maybe i should just stick to my day job.
.:10:08 p.m. Thursday, December 14, 2000:.

.:i don't know why you say goodbye i say hello:.

hmm... well here's an interesting site - designsushi. much in the same way that goatee style is about goatees (but not really), such is designsushi. but there's just enough sushi to make me extremely hungry. great, now i'm gonna have to drag someone downtown to utage's so i can enjoy some raw fish munchage.
this morning's sky was rather interesting. the sky seemed like the sea because the clouds were imitating the crests of waves. well, the thought made me smile, at any rate.
today, i am proclaiming a day of rest. i will only study if i really feel like it, but there will be none of this forcing myself to do so - i'll start officially freaking out about my econ final tomorrow. today, i will enjoy and drink coffee.
i can't wait to go to houston for christmas break! it'll be the first time that both my mom and brother will both be going, so that means that it'll be the first time that what's left of my family can get together for the holidays. you'd better believe that i'm hitting cafe japon as soon as i set my bags down in my aunt's house - to be followed quickly by a stop in daido and planet anime. if there's one place i could get to in houston while blindfolded, it would be times st. (where both planet anime and the smaller cafe japon are located) - parking there is a matter all together separate, however. but then again, we all know that i can park about as well as... okay, i can't think of anything witty to say here - i suck at parking. end of story.
.:09:06 a.m. Wednesday, December 13, 2000:.

.:and you may dream oh in my melody:.

*jumps up and down and does dance o' joy*
.:12:05 p.m. Tuesday, December 12, 2000:.

.:in a world that's ugly and a lie:.

okay, if i could be someone else, i'd like to be this girl. i just want to be able to design a website like hers - it's so freakin' cool!
i think everyone's coming down with something. i'm sick, josh is sick, james is sick, this g3 is evil and sick. as soon as my doom has been met this evening in my accounting exam, i'm going to crash and not function until this cold leaves me. argh argh double argh.
but although my health seems to be draining, at least God's given me some recent reassurance. things have been going weird lately after a series of incidents and accidents with various people, and my initial reaction has just been confusion. but i took the time to do some reading in psalms and song of solomon. and who knows? maybe it won't take a swift thwap to the head this time for God to get through to me on this.
.:10:32 a.m. Tuesday, December 12, 2000:.

.:many men will drink the rain... and turn to thank the clouds:.

yes, i know that exams are officially upon me, and i know that i should be studying furiously, but i absolutely refuse to start stressing until 9 a.m. Besides, I haven't touched a computer all weekend, and I feel as though I'm at least entitled to log a thing or two.
i just took a look at the tomb raider trailer. hmm... angelina jolie as lara croft - well, my brother will probably be pleased, at any rate. i think i'll withhold judgement until i actually see the movie.
hooray for lacey! a piece of her creative genius is on display at way to go!
this guy is absolutely wonderful. i want ten just like him. aside from the fact that his site is just aesthetically pleasing, he's got the most captivating writing style, second only to joe's red poem.
what do i want most right now? a good camera for taking pictures at night, and i don't even know if such a thing exists. i've been witness to so many images that deserve to be done justice aside from my feeble attempts to paint them with words that it's just not fair anymore. from deepening shades of blue sky to the campus light illuminating the fall leaves to a pale moon framed by a bare tree... geez... i really need a camera.
.:08:32 a.m. Monday, December 11, 2000:.

.:walkin' through a winter wonderland:.

ryan's goatee style is seasonal!
.:06:36 p.m. Wednesday, December 6, 2000:.

.:ooo...i bet you wonder how i knew:.

hey! lookie! icons! and there's even japanese ones... wow. if not for the fact that my computer is completely useless for anything aside from word processing, i'd go redecorate my desktop right away. oh well, guess i'll have to wait.
i'm crossing my fingers for a miraculous gift of mucho dinero for Christmas. there's this notebook that i want, but i'm way too poor to afford the thing. the latitude would be great, but the inspiron's more cost-effective. maybe i'll get lucky and find a good one on u-bid.
webcams are also my new favorite toys. i can't help it! i find it absa-frickin'-lutely hilarious that i can message my friend in california to wave, then watch him wave at me from three time zones away! it happened five days ago, and i still laugh when i think about it...
.:02:55 p.m. Wednesday, December 6, 2000:.

.:my velouria... even i'll adore you... my velouria:.

after ie crashed the g3 at work for the second time as i was trying to log this entry, i finally decided to move to a pc (which is where i should've started in the first place). macs are evil - never forget that (sorry lacey).
my brother got me hooked on weezer's cover of the pixies' song "velouria" - it's so rockin'! comprending the lyrics is quite beyond my capabilities of the moment, but the sound is one that picks you up by the collar of your shirt, jerks you out of your seat, and says, "hey, you," then tosses you nonchalantly out the window. how's that for vivid description?
i don't say much sometimes because sometimes i don't have much to say, and why waste words (especially when i can just log my random thoughts, thereby negating the wastefulness)? well, at least that's how i see things every now and then. hope that helps.
then again, maybe the curious lack of redhots in the dining hall has caused mental trauma and that's why i don't make sense most of the time.
.:02:39 p.m. Wednesday, December 6, 2000:.

.:leaving on a jetplane:.

i want to go to japan. no, wait, let me correct that... i want to go back to japan. the main hinderance to this wish is the fact that i am poor - pauvre - pobre - ain't got no money, honey. okane ga arimasen yo. but there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it may be you) because there's a scholarship that i'm waiting to hear from that could cover most of my costs. so if i can bag that, hopefully i will be off to the wonderful land of sushi, courtesy of the hokkaido international foundation, for an eight week stay in hakodate, hokkaido. i wish i wish i wish.
with the onset of friday, my latest round of tests is officially over. and my long awaited reward? sleep, and lots of it. i'm running solely on caffeine and that just can't be good - i'm figuring crash-and-burn ETA is probably halfway through history today, but we'll see if i can struggle through.
have you ever read the little prince? apparently, this is a book that most people have read (especially if you've had any french language experience), but somehow i'd managed to slip through the cracks. however, a copy of it fell into my hands yesterday, so i took an hour or so in the dining hall to read and... oh my. it's like the narnia books. you read one when you're a kid and think, wow, what a neat story! but if you read it again when you've gained some experience and knowledge (i.e. grown up a bit), the story just holds all kinds of wonderful insights and meaning that had been previously undiscovered. and not to mention that i'd love to be able to watch a sunset just by moving my lawn chair.
what do i want to be when i grow up? a matured child.
.:08:22 a.m. Friday, December 1, 2000:.

.:america, america... God shed His grace on thee:.

somebody pick a president, quick! before something like this happens! ack!
.:11:21 p.m. Monday, November 20, 2000:.

.:i want you back:.

wahh!!! i miss calvin and hobbes... but that aside, lookie at what i found this morning! it's a calvin and hobbes fanfiction! it's written like an x-file - and ohmygosh... they're trying to prove the existence of hobbes. this is more that i can handle at 9 in the morn'.
on a completely unrelated note, how unhappy am i at the fact that i have to be at work on wednesday? i'll tell you - very unhappy. all of my classes were cancelled for tuesday, so if it wasn't for stupide work, i could be at home enjoying the comforts of my queen size bed... but no! i, instead, have to be up at the butt-crack of dawn on wednesday... grrr...
lacey's strange - never forget that.
.:08:59 a.m. Monday, November 20, 2000:.

.:break my leg if You must, but keep me close to You:.

first, happy birthday to joe! may your river of witty comments never run dry.
it's been one of those spiritually bruising weekends - the kind where everytime you turn around, God seems to be thwapping you (or even your friends) upside the head. so thank God for those people who give hugs and let you cry on their shoulder and walk down the street with their arm around you and genuinely care. i can't thank you enough.
.:08:16 a.m. Monday, November 13, 2000:.

.:i'm too sexy for this song:.

that's it - i'm packing it up and moving to mars. society's degraded far too much for me to take it anymore. so what set me off? am i hot or not? ever wondered how sexy other people think you are? well look no further! don't have time to go downtown to see how many phone numbers you can collect? then this is the site for you!
oh, and if anyone would like to join me on mars, let me know by sending me an email at i look forward to hearing from you.
.:02:58 p.m. Friday, November 3, 2000:.

.:let's hear it for the boy (bleh...):.

boys. never eat lunch with a group of boys. they will inevitably turn to scoping out all the chicks in the room. now how is one supposed to converse with that sort of thing, i ask you? sheesh. as soon as i get the chance, i'm hunting down linny and gonna watch a flag football game on the quad. so there. ha.
.:04:45 p.m. Wednesday, November 1, 2000:.

.:most girls want a man with the bling-bling:.

well, i want a ring with the bling-bling, dang it! after the rush of engagements that have been happening lately (okay, it's just josh & leah and daniel & jill, but still...) my diligent co-workers and i researched engagement rings. i'm not normally an jewelry oriented girl, but dang! some of those rings... oohh... *drool* so for anyone interested, try the debeers website to design your own engagement ring. and if you decide you want to buy me one, here's what i want for christmas.
.:08:41 a.m. Tuesday, October 31, 2000:.

.:one foot on sea... and one on shore:.

here's a question i'd like to pose (come on, vogue!): aside from God and His love, which is unchanging, what in this world is actually constant? i mean, think about it. i have one friend that if i had to categorize him, he'd be the only one i couldn't group with others - he's separate, apart. when everything else in my life has gone off the deep end, i know that i can go see him and see a piece of my world that doesn't change. why didn't someone tell me sooner that all people will eventually change, including my friend who i thought would always remain the same?
.:10:00 p.m. Thursday, October 26, 2000:.

.:i could sing of your love forever:.

fall break is almost upon the wonder that is uga, and many of my fellows will be migrating to jacksonville for a warmer climate and much partying (oh, and the florida game. that's important, too). what will i be doing? hopefully catching up on sleep, but somehow i just know that sleep deprivation will capture me in the end. it's like fighting a battle you know you can't win.
hooray for a cappella! i went to the glee club concert last night at hodgson hall - what fun! lots of festive singing. sometimes it amazes me what the human voice is capable of (but not mine, of course). the accidentals were amazing. now if aace will hurry up and have a concert, life will be grand.
.:08:22 a.m. Wednesday, October 25, 2000:.

.:you're unbelievable:.

i still can't believe that joe signed my guestbook. no one ever signs my guestbook. wow.
.:08:51 a.m. Tuesday, October 24, 2000:.

.:i missed the bus... i missed the bus:.

i'm not happy with the athens transit system (otherwise known as "the bus"). would you believe that this morning, as i walked up to the bus stop behind snelling (wow! did you look at the sky this morning?! it was gorgeous!) a city bus was just pulling up beside me? i thought to myself, "self, this must be your lucky day - maybe you won't be quite so late for work." oh, but little did i know the events that would soon transpire would lead to extreme tardiness. that huge honkin' piece of metal proceeded to pause at the stop (much like i pause for that three-way stop outside my highschool - as in, not at all b/c now i find that stop absolutely ludicrous - actually, i'm just still upset that it wasn't there while i was in highschool and needed it, so i protest by running the thing - slightly tap on pedal) and then take off! the nerve! and it was like five minutes before the next bus rolled around. grrr...
well, after a long night of studying, studying, stomping on cockroaches, and massive accounting problems, i must say that i need a nap. too bad i have to go study more instead.
aaah!!! what did they do with my cartoon?! why for i am not seeing dis "get fuzzy" in di red & black? ack, indeed!
.:08:32 a.m. Tuesday, October 24, 2000:.

.:i will leave a light in the dark:.

how is it that a human being can have such a soft spot for another human being that is the polar opposite in every way - emotionally, spiritually, physically - from the first being? i do not understand, and yet it persists. what the deal is? (why hello, ghetto stephanie - when did you get here?)
oh my - this is just too neato for words. it's atari, but so much more rockin' than i remember it to be.
.:01:48 p.m. Monday, October 23, 2000:.

.:this world has nothing for me... and this world has everything:.

i hate this meantime/inbetween time.
.:10:56 a.m. Monday, October 23, 2000:.

.:ain't goin' down 'til the sun comes up:.

the mere fact that you have to use so many apostrophes in order to speak country is probably not a good thing.
the exorcist. bwah. stay amused by taking friends who can mst3k the sucker. that'll teach 'em.
you know what really bites tomatoes? working all day on your webpage, then taking a gander at it on a friend's computer only to realize that it looks terrible on her screen. or maybe i just really suck at html? quite possibly, i must say.
what are the tangy fruit bits in the sunmaid tropical medley? they're rather tasty morsels - i want a whole bag of them! dried apricot slabs, anyone?
why, oh why did it take me 19 years to discover the joys of frank sinatra? i was listening to one of my mom's cds (which is in my possession at this moment) when i suddenly realized just how much i love big band music. it's just so much fun! in fact, it's right up there on my list with remixes, and that's pretty high up. how odd.
.:12:52 a.m. Sunday, October 22, 2000:.

.:call me a hater if you want to... but i only hate on him 'cause i want you:.

oh, this is just sad.
.:09:22 a.m. Friday, October 20, 2000:.

.:everybody knows... that the world is full of stupid people:.

i've noticed an alarming trend as of late. when i'm in the dining halls, the tv is usually on cnn running election coverage. i actually enjoy watching it. i find it interesting. stop laughing, i really do! and the clincher was yesterday evening when i went downstairs to the study lounge to read for mist2090. i turned the tv on to cnn and actually watched the news. campaign coverage and everything. whatever happened to the days of just talking about boys and tv shows? okay, so i still talk about boys, but now it's interspersed with talks of presidential debates, the trials of israel, and gas prices. guess i couldn't stay uninformed forever.
here's some political coverage i really wanted to see - the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner. who wouldn't want to see the two candidates crack on themselves and each other? my favorite blurb of the night? "Like the woman who's here tonight, whose husband is about to lose his job. She's struggling to get out of public housing and get a job of her own. Hillary Clinton, I want to fight for you!" v.p. gore, your writer is a funny man.
.:08:47 a.m. Friday, October 20, 2000:.

.:i have come to save the day... and i won't stop until i'm done:.

hehehehe... lin's getting a pitas page - now you can read about all of the inner workings of her mind as well. be afraid. be very afraid. lin says that some people argue that there's nothing there. i think she's just silly. maybe i should defenestrate her? wow, that would hurt. did i mention that lin has violent tendancies? well, she does.
my constant reminder of stupidity for the year also turns out to be the most interesting person i've met all year. quite a combination, n'est pas? kudos to joe, josé, joseph, whatever. je suis impressed. yo soy muy... impressed (lin can't find "impressed" in the español dictionary). she's not stupid - honest.
ever wondered how to make that ever so tasty (yet not as tasty as she-crab) broccoli and cheese soup from tgifriday's? me too.
hooray for damian.
.:12:11 a.m. Thursday, October 19, 2000:.

.:'til all I have's not that bad:.

mmm... candied apples, how yummy thou art. never before was red goo and health food so much fun! just don't chew on the goo stuff if it hasn't hit the cracked stage yet - you'll end up with your mouth glued shut - although that might be good for some people i know...
know what's funny? i typed in "candiedapple" as a url, and got a gundam wing site - anime is taking over the world! mwahahaha!
if you're looking for a place to eat in athens, may i suggest the porterhouse grill? oh my, is it yummy or what?! definitely get the she-crab soup - best soup i've ever had. so good, it even beats out the crab claw gumbo i had in houston. now that's pretty darned tasty.
ohmigosh - someone was going to take out nsync at the atlanta concert. what the heck were they thinking? they wouldn't stand a chance against the hordes of preteens thirsting for revenge. i wouldn't be to happy with them either.
.:10:01 p.m. Thursday, October 19, 2000:.

.:it's all about the pentiums, baby... clickin' on mah mizouse:.

wee... mist2090h lab... i get to hear helen and john argue like an old married couple or something. it's terribly amusing tho, so i don't mind that much. i honestly think john must be one of those naturally hyper people. it's a wonder helen can put up with him so well. (they're gonna kill me if they ever read this *laughs evilly*
i do mind the fact that i have to hightail it to the coliseum as soon as lab lets out (hopefully early *crosses fingers*) to get basketball tickets. gotta support those boys, yo.
microsoft access do i really have to know how to use this? *sigh* oh well... always write descriptions - people in europe might now know what "ssn" means... right-o.
.:04:48 p.m. Wednesday, October 18, 2000:.

.:no strings attached:.

i just spent 45 mins. working on a graphic for my webpage, only to discover that the demo version of photoshop doesn't allow you to save your work... i think i'll go throw things now.
for free downloads, try c|net downloads - tons of stuff. make sure the program allows you to save before you commit massive amounts of time to your work - if not, you're more than welcome to come throw things with me.
.:03:11 p.m. Wednesday, October 18, 2000:.

.:there were incidents and accidents... there were hints and allegations:.

ever notice how there's always that one person that can make you feel like the biggest idiot just by looking at you? well, i found my constant reminder of stupidity for the year. hooray for joe. yay.
webpages are evil - i went into a kick of trying to update mine and have spent five hours so far that i so could've been studying for the gauntlet of tests that i have coming up before fall break. yargles.
nap - one hour before history starts, and i want to sleep... sleep is good... mmm... zzz...
.:02:29 p.m. Wednesday, October 18, 2000:.

.:all that i do... is not enough for you:.

wee-fun! (as opposed to not-so-wee-fun and the ever popular freakin'-huge-fun) it's an interactive top-ten list. how clever.
here's the product of my tuesday morning, finally posted to my website. he's the new memorial hall admin pc wallpaper, and none of the girls can walk by without giggling - and none of the guys can walk by without rolling their eyes. i would like to reiterate that it's all lacey's fault.
.:05:36 p.m. Tuesday, October 17, 2000:.

.:it's gonna be me:.

aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it's all lacey's fault... she's instigating... and she used to watch nkotb cartoons - at least i've never done that... ^_^
.:09:26 a.m. Tuesday, October 17, 2000:.

.:i know all my broken places like the back of my hand:.

go go wesley cell group! hooray! every monday night, i go to josh p's apartment and have Bible study along with 6-7 other people. they're a great bunch of believers, and i love 'em! we're told not to forsake fellowship with other believers, and i can totally see why - it's a complete recharge and helps keep you in line - and God will use the oddest people to smack you upside the head sometimes.
make friends with a cook - you get to do all kinds of neat stuff.
hmm... must study for class - maybe a nice cup of chai from the bulldog cafe would motivate me? hmm, indeed.
.:08:11 a.m. Tuesday, October 17, 2000:.

.:but it ain't no lie... bye bye bye:.

i need a weekend to recuperate from the weekend. i love to feed my friends, but it's tough work stirring for so many hours in a row. and watch out for those falling bricks. sheesh...
well, the first step is admitting you have a problem, right? hello, my name is stephanie, and i am an nsync addict. instead of doing my japanese homework during the three hours i work in the morning, i read nsync fanfics. and i even get lacey hooked on them too (so go harass her about it!). this is so sad.
hooray for the people i work with! life would be less interesting without them...
.:02:17 p.m. Monday, October 16, 2000:.

.:we are the people our parents warned us about:.

i am officially inspired. i've seen lacey typing into her weblog so much in the mornings that i finally went and got my own. oh and how appropriate - i'm using the g3 that she loves so well (this is the same g3 that i constantly threaten to hurl through the air). so this is my very first entry. ever. wow.
i went to the caedmon's call concert on wednesday night - boy was it rockin'! ever heard of justin mcroberts? me neither - rectify that situation: go check him out right now.
oh my... i'm learning the shortcut keys for macs... eep! someone get me a pc, stat!
.:02:11 p.m. Friday, October 13, 2000:.