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after watching the mummy returns and buying a variety of foods for lunch in the bottom of bonimoriya, i returned home around 4ish to discover a new addition to the family. as soon as i walked in, sakiko kept telling me to come look, and then i noticed the note in the entrance way alerting me to something in japanese: うさぎ, it read.

yes, a cute little bunny rabbit is sitting about ten inches away from me, hopping about madly to and fro. the past two hours of my day have been spent with my brother and sister as we watched the little bugger run around and try to chew on everything in sight. he went after the tatami mats, the plants, and even sotaro's nose as he was lying on the floor. yeah, that was really cute! かわいい... i wonder how long he'll be here... the rabbit, that is - not my host brother. hmm...
Thursday, July 19, 2001.06:23 p.m..japantime.:

i'm going to just have to start avoiding cd stores all together, it seems. i impulse bought the new porno grafiti single like a retard. it's really good, but sheesh... i really shouldn't've spent as much money as i have on cds. maybe i can think of it as a reward for getting through my exam? yeah... that's it.

the exam was ridiculously hard, btw. i'm just relieved it's over with, and i have a month to recover from the shock of such a horrid test before having to take another one.

we actually ate inside lucky pierrot today. we normally get it to go, but since all of us gals were in a celebratory mood from making it through the tests, we ate inside and sat on the swings and had lots of fun laughing and talking about boys. seems like all of us have managed to find someone to talk about recently. mary's mean, though. she tricked me into eating えび (shrimp) bleh...

right. not much to log. exam over. fun begins. but first, i will catch up on some sleep.
Wednesday, July 18, 2001.04:55 p.m..japantime.:

all right. the next time i leave my umbrella on the bus, i think i will just lie to my host mom and tell her that i left it at school or something. i left the stupid thing on the bus last week, and my host mom just asked me yesterday what happened to my umbrella, so i (like a good girl) told the truth about leaving it on the bus. yeah, so she called the bus station, but apparently my umbrella had somehow found its way to the police station. sheesh... so i had to go to the police station with my host mom to reclaim the stupid halfway broken umbrella. would you believe that i had to fill out paperwork as well? for an umbrella! and show my passport! for a broken umbrella that isn't worth the gas spent to get down to the station. and on top of that, i also had to call the bus station and thank them for helping me locate my dumb-butt umbrella. well, my japanese has been exercised enough for one day. next time, i'm just buying a new umbrella.

semester exams tomorrow. yes, i am procrastinating. no, my japanese is not that good.

it's been raining this week, which means i haven't been able to ride my bike for the past two days. but i did climb a mountain on sunday and judo yesterday, so i'm still not lacking in the exercise department.

which reminds me. i had so much fun on sunday! not only did i finally get to go to church, but the mountain climbing was quite an adventure. it only took about an hour, but we got rained on most of the way. the nightview of hakodate from on top of the mountain was just spectacular. and even though it was somewhat cloudy, there was one point during sunset when the sun broke through the clouds to shine down on the sea that was just gorgeous. my host dad ended up giving hal a ride home. poor kid - he and yudelka live way out in the middle of nowhere in particular. all in all, a good time was had by all.

all right. time to study.
Tuesday, July 17, 2001.05:44 p.m..japantime.:

i am so tired.

okay, why does the word tired look so strange on the screen. that is the right word, isn't it? good grief... i'm losing my grip on english... tired... ti red... tire-d... mou...

anyway, i'm pooped. the picnic was lotsa fun, but it got atsui (hot) real fast like. i recorded most of it, tho, so you guys can watch when i get back. i think my favorite part was when we played dizzy bat relay. watching sato-sensei stagger about was lotsa fun, but i missed hal's wipeout. poor guy... he managed to get all the way back before he completely fell over himself and then had trouble getting up. aww... yeah, and my least favorite part was when i was telling yudelka's mom that i had a cute host brother, and then as soon as my dad gets back from snagging some food, she tells him that i think my host brother is cute! sheeesh!!! she apologized as soon as she figured out she shouldn't have said anything, but sheesh... damage done... good thing sotaro's on a trip somewhere, otherwise i'd really be embarassed.

guess what?! i get to go to church tomorrow!!! wow! i miss going to church, and now i'm so excited!!! yosh!

geh. i can't wait until semester exams are over. we get a four day break after wednesday, which will be spent sleeping, partying, and recovering. it's about time for a break. they push us so hard over here!

tonight, my parents went out to a concert, so sakiko and i are left to fend for ourselves. it's actually been kinda fun, because i'm actually managing to communicate over here with minimal problems.

well then, that's all for now. i don't know what else to talk about. oh! we're going to a shrine on monday after class to ask for good luck on our semester exams. that'll be interesting, for sure. jya.
Saturday, July 14, 2001.08:11 p.m..japantime.:

wow. why did this week fly by so fast? between being sick and having two lesson tests this week, i just lost track of time i suppose. and now it's saturday again, and i am contemplating matters of this cling and clatter and wondering just how fast this next month will go?...

geh, my foot's asleep.

wednesday afternoon, after i started to make my way home from eating lunch with amanda and yudelka, i suddenly realized something while riding my bike. i was very much and irreversibly lost. i didn't have a stinking clue where in hakodate i could possibly be! eep! but it turned out to be a good experience after all. not only did i find the book-off, but i also found a rather large karaoke place, which will be of much use later on next week. so i asked the guys at book-off where on the map i was, and managed to find my way home from there.

everyone seemed to be in a really good mood on friday. well, it was friday after all, so i guess that explains part of it. it was fun tho... because all of the example sentences that we made in class were all funny so we laughed lots. after class let out and i finished with my iinkai duties for the day, amanda, yudelka, mary, and i all walked down to the seicomart for lunch. mary ended up telling us her college life story, which was very interesting because it included an engagement, an engagement breakup, and how she met her current boyfriend who she will probably end up marrying. afterwards, we headed to the arcade near the station and took peliculas (those tiny sticker pictures) for nearly an hour. i'm pretty sure that i'm not gonna need that many pictures, but it was just so much darned fun! the booth that we were using allowed you to take pictures from the roof of the booth so that you were looking up in the picture, and then you could even decorate the pictures before they printed out! yeah, so we giggled a lot and had a good time with them.

when i got home from playing around that afternoon, i decided to watch some dvd's that my family has, so ended up watching hercules. but what was really cool was when my dad got home and pulled down the projection screen and turned the projector and surround sound on. good grief! it was like being in a movie theater minus the crying baby in the back! i was amazed! so after that, i watched beauty and the beast 2 just to take advantage of technology... and then we shot off fireworks.

so yeah. now it's saturday, and i have semester exams next week. eep! but at least i get to climb hakodate yama (mountain) tomorrow... yaya!!!!
Saturday, July 14, 2001.10:29 a.m..japantime.:

here's a tip. never get sick when you're in a foreign country. actually, i'm fine. it's just that i have developed a stupid cough that so far will not go away, but it sucks because everyone from my host family to my sensei keeps bringing the word byouin into the conversation. i have a cough. that's all. i do not need a trip to the hospital for a cough. all i need is some kusuri (medicine) and i'll be genki (healthy) once more. mou...

judo on monday was of course a lot of fun. this time i kept an eye out for cute sensei when he walked in. he looks pretty darn nice in his judo uniform, but i like him better in regular clothes. the sensei made all of the gaijin (foreigners) fight with the regular class. oh, i really didn't want to do that, and would you believe that cute sensei teased me?! (not that i really minded that much) told me i was gonna get thrown and stuff. sheesh... he's such a show-off, too. some of us were watching him after class while he was talking to a little boy named yuji. they were talking about what they could do, so cute sensei would do something like a backflip, and then yuji would try and copy him - how cute! but once cute sensei noticed we were watching him, he started doing all kinds of outrageous stunts. he's awfully athletic, and i was awfully impressed. i can't believe how good-looking this guy is!

last night, i attended a concert with my host mom. it was two japanese women singers. my goodness, they were beautiful! they came out in these gorgeous white dresses, and now i want to get married in a dress like one of those. and their voices were awesome! the music was more along the lines of traditional japanese music, and now i wish i could get a cd of the performance. i was overwhelmed by how good they were.

my host dad is letting me borrow his little handycam, and he's letting me use it whenever and wherever i want. yeah, so now i'm gonna make a video of all my adventures here. this trip is like a multimedia event - video, diary, weblog - maybe i'll even view it in surround sound... anyway, it'll be fun to get everyone on film. and yes, i'm taking the cam to judo class.

everything else is going as normally as it ever does. semester exams are next week, so everyone's slowly starting to panic about grades. i'm hanging in there. my quiz grades aren't that great, but i'm doing well on my lesson tests, so hopefully the two will balance each other out. i have a sneaking suspicion that i'll end up with a b in the end, but as long as my japanese improves, that's fine by me.
Wednesday, July 11, 2001.08:14 p.m..japantime.: