i'm at work (read: i am bored)

i brought a thousand things to do with me because i'll be here until three (theoretically), but so far i can't bring myself to actually get started on the myriad of projects that await me. plus, i haven't logged in about a week, so i figured i might as well. not that there's all that much to log.

hmm... i didn't completely fail my japanese midterm *praises God*, have only missed one finance class since the last test, managed to eat sushi twice in the past couple of days, played ddr at the mall and home and dorm, read the first harry potter book in the course of one night, made a great bet with lindsey that i'm totally gonna win, went home over the weekend and slept a lot, had a windex fight with cord, watched abie play against mary lyndon in ultimate frisbee, and had a long talk with my roomie about nothing in particular before going to bed last night.

my major concerns for the immediate future? two tests next week, registering for classes tomorrow, fall break, and the fact that a whole lot of people are coming to stay at my house this weekend. last year's weekend, anna got hit in the head with a random brick, so i'm kinda hoping to avoid such accidents this time around. then again, we're considering playing capture the flag on the high school campus, so there's always the potential for the po-po rolling by and ruining all of our fun. hmm... plus mom wouldn't be oh-so-happy either. *pontificate*

then there's always the issue of will all my friends mesh well? this issue is usually dealt with when i drag everyone to inoko's at the start of the year, because then at least everyone's already met everyone else, if nothing else, but since i was in japan 'til the very last minute, there was no ice-breaking trip, so now i'll just have to wait and see.

and the one person who i'd really like to see there this weekend, i absolutely refuse to call because i'm just too darned stubborn about it at this point. but yargles! you'd think that after half a year of not hearing a darned peep from me AND actually running into the other stephanie on campus, he would at least WONDER if i were alive still, but oh-heck-no. he probably doesn't even bloody well know that i've been to japan and back since we last talked. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND BOYS. it's almost enough to drive a girl to a nunnery (maybe either kind). and why am i dwelling on this again?! i swear, i must have bouts of dragging up unresolved issues just so i can fret about it a little, then put it right back down to remain unresolved and untouched until the next time one of these bouts comes along. i should probably lock up my cell phone, though... just in case my resolve finally crumbles.

Thursday, October 18, 2001.08:17 a.m..comment:

i'm late.

my cell bill is at any rate. crap.

it may just be lack of sleep, but today's all introspective-y for me... i don't really understand... but i'm thinking that just maybe i'm at that point where i can no longer stand to be around anyone and have to go reclusive for a while. the warning signs are the lack of emotion and laughter being emitted from me, just a general lack of interest in life in general (such as the japanese midterm this morning for which i was completely unprepared), and way too much thinking about nothing in general. i was never a social creature to begin with - i guess i fell in with the wrong crowd in middle and high school, so every now and then i get a huge urge to get away from all people (i.e. the dorm). maybe i can just wait til the weekend and go home then, or maybe just posting will get rid of this overwhelming urge.

because i also want to play smash bros. when i get done with classes today. what the heck am i saying... i always want to play smash bros. - maybe someday i'll even get good at it. but smash bros. is most definitely a social-esque game...

maybe i should just get some sleep...
Wednesday, October 10, 2001.11:51 a.m..comment:

i'm completely mortified.

things never really seem that bad until you hear them come out of someone else's mouth, and then you'd just like to curl up and go die quietly.

damn it.
Sunday, October 7, 2001.04:10 p.m..comment:

i am so jealous.

randall's been relaying the story of how he met "the girl" - *melt melt* he's the cutest thing ever... i can hear him smiling when he talks about her, and that is the most wonderful thing ever.

this is quickly going to turn into a girly entry, so be forewarned.

i swear - all of the good guys are taken. oh so very taken. either that, or they belong on the outside of the fence. to explain, at the prompting of circumstances surrounding me, i've spontaneously generated two lists. the main list consists of real-life (as in, non-celeb) boys that i think are wonderful and cutie and various other sordid and sundry things. around this list is a fence, where a sign is posted reading, "no gay boys allowed, please." i could expound on who heads the line-up, but that would not be good for my sanity. all those that are not allowed are directed to another corral of "maybe if they decided to switch teams." at the top of that list is kenyon, who i love and adore and for whom i would write sonnets. ^_~ yay, i do love kenyon!

on a completely unrelated note, cord is oh-so-very desirable all dolled up in a suit and silver tie. and geo is still the most stubborn person ever ever ever.

well shiggity shwat.
Sunday, October 7, 2001.03:54 a.m..comment:

i forgot...

i honestly just forgot that i had a weblog for a while. i've been so taken up with tests, responsibilities, and boys that i haven't really given thought to logging lately. oh, and let's not forget nsync - for some reason, (and you'll never find it!) i've jumped back on the boybandwagon (and it's not randall's fault. really.)

but yes, there have been goings-on afoot. most noteably (is that how you spell that?) geoffrey single-handedly bringing down all of peachnet with his computer - i mean, the boy took out whole college campuses, apparently - including all of uga. so if you're upset about your lack of internet a couple of days back, there's a big teddy bear at the bottom of mary lyndon at which you should point those fingers ^_~

next boy on the distraction list - cord. he's got a dance (tee-hee!) to go to this weekend and needs to cut a dashing figure, so he turns to josh for help (smart move). of course, as soon as linny and i caught wind of the fashion emergency, we were more than happy to butt in and give our two cents. ultimately, however, we had to send him to men's wearhouse for professional help. i can pick out a shirt and tie like the rest, but i don't know nothing bout pickin no suits. i can't wait to see cord all dolled up tho ^_~ he's going to look so cutie in suit and tie!! (silver and black!!) *does cord-is-so-cute dance*

and yahoo for karl's latest post! i can't begin to sing the praises of smash bros. enough - aside from just being an absolutely addictive game, it really is great bonding time for all involved. bridging the gap between dorks, geeks, nerds *gets overly dramatically teary-eyed*, and the perfectly normal... hmm, now which category do i fall into? (eep! preposition!)

then there's always school to suck the life out of you. i've had more tests in the past two weeks than i ever thought humanly possible to survive. and i've learned my lesson and will most definitely be paying very very close attention in finance class, hanging on prof. pope's every spoken word. it's funny, the class that i feared most (legl), i ended up doing the best in out of all. guess dr. pagnattaro's just a great professor then. yay her!

and then i made the startling discovery that the mall arcade now houses a dance dance machine. can we say weekly field trips?

and as much as i don't watch tv anymore, buffy premiered for a whopping two hours on tuesday night, and you'd better believe that linny and i drove all the way to e-town for the special occasion. and also shushed anyone that tried to impinge on our enjoyment of said show. wow, james marsters... wow... and why the heck does giles have to go and leave the freakin' show?!! that's just not fair! who the heck is gonna be buffy's watcher now??? and i wonder if a fourth slayer will be called... *muse*

and then there's nsync. i thought i'd manage to banish that from ever reoccuring, but i stumbled into the wrong area of the 'net, and the rest is history. drat drat drat. i've been craving nsync music all day long. *slumps in defeat* maybe i'm just a teeny bopper after all.

and hooray for the most awesome clothing purchase i've made all season - a long trenchcoat-ish jacket of dark denim with orange-ish stiching purchased from the gap in gwinett. i tried it on just as a fluke and absolutely could not convince myself to take it back off. and yahoo for josh, because the very first thing that he says to me when he sees me next is "stand up" so that he can admire the new jacket - no you cannot borrow. mine mine mine.

and i haven't said anything about randall yet, so let me just throw something in about him quickly. hmm... randall is cute. way cute. and he looks good in just boxers ^_~ there... that is my obligatory randall comment.

who else to talk about? cord's old roommate jason is most intriguing - he came up this past weekend, and i got to go out to dinner with all of those boys (which was a massive experience unto itself - not the actual dinner part, but the getting there section of the story, but i digress) and he would be such a welcome addition back if he ever decides to get sick of soccer and come home from mercer (uga is always referred to as home - haven't you realized that by now?)

and speaking of the getting there part of the story - yeah, just to cut some of it down so that i'm not typing about it for the next hour, let's just say that geoffrey has no room whatsoever to say that i don't trust him, because i more than proved that i trust my own friggin' life to him, because there is no way on God's own created green globe that i would've been that stubborn unless i had faith that geoffrey would not try to kill me. so you, you stupid teddy bear, when it really comes down to it, i trust you. there.

and i think that almost wraps things up. i'm doing okay. things are not perfect, but i have my friends and God still loves me - things will never be as bad as i think as long as those two things hold - and God's definitely not ever going away, and i don't think my friends have any plans of leaving just yet. yay for me ^_^
Thursday, October 4, 2001.08:02 p.m..comment:

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